Water damage - Staten Island

Water damage

Water damage

Water Damage

Water damage can be disastrous if not managed properly. Leaks, constant dripping and even seepage can eat away at a house like anything. The most common after effects of water damage are:

  • Excessive growth of mold and other forms of bacteria.
  • The high number of pollutants in the air as a result of the mold and bacteria leading to lowered air quality around the household.
  • Springing of cracks and other structural damages with prolonged exposure and from stagnant water etc.

If proper insulation is not done from all the above, there may be disastrous long term effects. We at Staten Island Rug cleaners, are there for you if you are facing any such problems of water damage. We know how serious water damage is and how it can eat away at one’s home or even office space and so, we take it very seriously so as to ensure that you get the quality care you deserve.

Water damage is something that should not be taken lightly and we at Staten Island Rug Cleaners deal with the matter as expeditiously as possible so that minimal to zero permanent damage happens to your indoors. Be it things like simple spills due to a bucket of water or even flooding due to torrential rainfall, we deal with every matter on a case by case basis through our inspectors and technicians and accordingly give you options out of which you may select the one you would like us to do.

How we Do it?

If you have any sort of water/liquid spill, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Staten Island Rug Cleaners. We’ll send in one of our best inspectors along with a technician to give you an estimate of the cost for the work. Our inspectors are handpicked, rigorously trained professionals who have been in the field for a very long time and they are experts in identifying hidden leaks and seepages thereby giving you a deeper insight into the reason behind the water damage.

Along with the inspector, our technician will as per the reasons cited by the inspector will formulate solutions ranging from simple things air drying the carpet to full removal and replacement along with the relevant costs involved shall be made known to you. Based on the options for recovery of the Water Damage, we give you full control of choosing which option, offered by the technician you would like to undertake and accordingly we take it up expeditiously so that your problem is solved as good as new!

Why us?

  1. We’re a sprawling business that started in 1980 and so, you may say we have a lot of experience in that!
  2. We offer free estimates for your damages be it on call, via email or even on-site.
  3. We even have partnerships with a number of Chemical companies so that you can even customize the brand we use for your job.
  4. We NEVER overcharge or change the price that was mentioned as final.

We currently offer our services in Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. If you want us to help you recover from that water damage, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Staten Island Rug cleaners!