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Area Rug Restoration - Staten Island

Area Rug Restoration

Area Rug Restoration

Rug restoration is a very important part of prolonging your rug’s life. With the right restoration your rugs will look brand new in no time. Our rug restoration process takes longer than a rug repair because the work is much more intense and requires much more skill. We do all types of restorations, from changing a fringe to deep color replacement. We have skilled crafts personal working hard to have your rug looking perfect. We offer free on-site, phone, e-mail and live chat estimates. Free pick up and free delivery. We work 7 days a week. No extra charge for evening, weekend or holiday service. We offer either on site restorations or restorations in our facility. We offer bulk pricing for restoration of more than 1 rug at a time.

Rug Restoration We Offer

There are numerous methods of restoring a rug. More often your rug will be picked up and delivered to our work shop where all of the necessary equipment is kept.

We do many restorations, such as:

Color Fill In Or Removal
Urine Damage
Cotton or Wool Fringe Replacement
Hand Restorations
Water Damage Restoration
New Backing
Sisal Rug Cleaning
Red Wine Complete Removal
Holes & Torn areas
Moth Damage
Mold & Mildew Damage

How We Restore

The equipment used to restore rugs is determined by the extent of restoration. Our equipment is always, sophistication of the color work to be done, and the number of colors that need to be applied. Small areas of color loss may be restored using syringes while larger areas may permit the use of sprayers. Every rug restoration is different, this is why we offer free, on site estimates to determine the best restoration for your rug. More intricate designs and patterns may require the use of specialized application tools such as air brushes to carefully and precisely apply the dyes. A skilled Dye Master can rebuild even the most intricately detailed multicolored patterns and designs on a rug. We restore rugs with a keen hand and eye for perfection. We restore all rugs, but not limited to: Afghani & Antique, Berber & Dhurrie, Flokati & Heirloom, Hyde & Indian, Moroccan & Museum, Oriental & Pakistani, Persian & Shag, Silk, Turkish, Synthetic, Wool, Imitation Rugs and all other rug types.