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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture will be any homeowner’s first choice when they decide to renovate their home but maintaining its sheen and brilliance is an uphill struggle, to say the least. No matter how hard you try not to let the marinara sauce fall on your furniture whilst careless, but dust particles, dead skin cells, animal fur or environmental pollutants would always find a way to sneak in. Tastefully bought and artistically furniture might take days for you to arrange but dirty, ragged upholstery can turn even the most classy home into a nightmare.

Now you might be wondering whether there is no way to protect your furniture and get upholstery cleaning done by someone reliable yet efficient. Rug Cleaner Staten Island is here to answer all your prayers!

The Rug Cleaner Staten Island Style: A Peek into what goes into Upholstery Cleaning

Step 1: The Preparation

First and foremost, we would inspect the upholstery you wish to get cleaned and determine the kind of fabric and the particular cleaning techniques we need to adopt. We also remove the furniture from the walls and the everyday items cluttering your upholstery so that the cleaning chemicals don’t harm them.

Step 2: The Deep Cleaning Routine

Once we have ascertained the problem areas, we get too deep cleaning with a special sanitizing solution which breaks down even the permanent stains and loosens up the skin cells and dust particles. Soft upholstery brushes are employed sometimes to remove the deeply embedded soil particles

Step 3: The Rinse

Our upholstery rinse renders it soft, clean and fresh by restoring the pH balance of the fabric which washes away the dust and grime without allowing the color to fade away.

Step 4: The Speed Drying

High-velocity air movers are often used to speed dry your rinsed upholstery.

A Class Apart: Why should you choose the Upholstery cleaning service from Rug Cleaner Staten Island?

At Rug Cleaner Staten Island, we have been in business since 1980 and pride ourselves in providing quality upholstery cleaning services so that our regular patrons have nothing to complain about. With the rise in competition, we have been guided by our principle of being the best in whatever we do and so far it has paid off.

If you are interested in seeking our help in cleaning your upholstery, you should always place your bets on Rug Cleaner Staten Island. Not convinced yet? Give this a read!

  • While cleaning your upholstery, we try to ensure that the stains vanish without causing any damage to the fabric.
  • Our specialized cleaning techniques are dedicated to eliminating the disease-causing allergens and bacteria
  • We give you a heads up before arriving to clean so that you are prepared in advance.
  • Though our expert cleaners try to cause the least inconvenience by completing the cleaning as soon as possible, the quality of work is never compromised upon.
  • We provide our upholstery cleaners with a large arsenal of cleaning chemicals, donning the hat of official distributor for other cleaning companies so we know exactly what cleaning chemical will be the right fit for your upholstery.
  • We are willing to give you a free estimate through online chat, via call or even give you the estimate after reaching your home. We promise you won’t find our employees charging you extra for their services. What you see is what you have to pay. No more, no less.

We give our patrons the chance to inspect our cleaning work for themselves. We won’t rest until and unless you are satisfied!