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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Like carpets, rugs, draperies and upholstery, our mattresses also need good maintenance and cleaning. We spend almost one-third of our lives in our beds, and no matter how much you try to maintain their state of cleanliness at home, your mattresses are bound to absorb dirt. Almost every day millions of microscopic dead skin cells, dust, and dirt and dust mites accumulate in our mattresses, leading to impurities which are invisible to the naked eye, making them extremely difficult to clean. The accumulated impurities can be a potential source of allergens and cause allergies in individuals. We offer the most effective mattress cleaning methods to ensure complete removal of impurities.

To effectively remove dust and allergens, we at Rug Cleaner Staten Island use state of the art vacuuming and deep cleaning methods which are sure to keep your mattress dustmite free with antibacterial benefits. We also provide specialized dust mite mattress covers so that even after the cleaning method has been performed, you can still keep your mattresses clean, fresh and dust mite free for many more months to come. After all, just like you, the safety and health of your family, is also our most important priority. Here’s a look at our effective four-step mattress cleaning process:

  • Pre-vacuuming of mattress: We first clean the mattress with our specialized vacuuming methods to remove dust and dirt particles which are loosely attached to the surface of your mattress. This will pave the way for further deep cleaning of deep settled stains and impurities.
  • Our next step aims at stain removal by treating with cleaners that loosen the embedded stains from the fabric of your mattress. This enables the way for easy removal of the dirt, in our following cleaning methods.
  • Our following shampooing stage uses deep cleaning solutions with antibacterial formulas to completely remove the treated stains and keeping your mattress free from an attack of dust mites in the future.
  • For extremely deep embedded and stubborn stains which may have survived the previous cleaning steps, we use high-pressure steam extraction methods, which completely remove bacteria and any remaining stains from your mattress.

If you are looking for the best mattress cleaning services in New York, particularly Staten Island, then we at Rug Cleaners have the perfect solution for you. We offer the best mattress and upholstery cleaning services at the best rates which have been designed in accordance to your needs and conveniences. We also provide protective covers which are sure to keep your mattress dust mite free in the future, even after several months of our cleaning process. Unlike other organizations, we offer our experienced services using the most effective methods, because a clean and fresh mattress form the stepping stones for clean and healthy family living in a hygienic environment. Since the last two decades, our expert services have been cherished in homes all over New York, especially Staten Island. We offer extremely customer friendly services at the best rates without any additional unnecessary charges.