Drapery and Blinds Cleaning - Staten Island

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Like your rugs and carpets, your drapes and blinds are also subjected to daily impurities and need a good amount of care and protection. Due to everyday exposure, drapes and blinds tend to collect a large amount of dust, dirt, and impurities. Ignoring the problem for a long time can result in a potentially unhealthy environment in your home, especially for sensitive individuals and individuals suffering from various allergies or breathing difficulties like asthma. We at Rug Cleaners, know how much you care for the health of your beloved family. Hence, we provide a complete cleaning process for your windows, drapes, and blinds, in Staten Island.

Our cleaning process is performed with the utmost care and technique by our team of professionals. We aim to restore your curtains, windows, and shutters from damaged and unappealing to absolutely new and fresh. Our services are available at extremely reasonable rates, with minimal additional costs. We also perform repairing of windows and replacement or alteration of your curtain fabrics at the best deals for your convenience. There’s a reason why our organization has been the most professional and trusted company in New York, especially Staten Island since the last two decades. Here’s a look at our expert drapery and blinds cleaning process:

  • Our first step includes a detailed evaluation and inspection of the type of fabric and nature of stain involved in your windows, as well as factors which may interfere with our cleaning process, such as stubborn stains, sun exposure and so on. We will let you our observations from the inspection.
  • We then perform a dry vacuum cleaning process to remove loose dust and dirt particles which may be attached to the surface of your drape fabric. This makes the following cleaning methods easier to perform.
  • Next, we treat your windows and curtains with specialized sponge applicants of dry cleaning solvents. This process helps in removal of deep dirt which were previously not removed through vacuuming, as well as oil based stains in your curtains and drapes.
  • Post dry solvent treatment, further spots which were not removed are treated again through our specialized post spot removal solvents.
  • To lessen your worries, the solvents which we use area absolutely safe for your curtains and drapes, and along with cleaning, will also condition and clean the fabric to make it look even more beautiful than before.
  • A final inspection is performed by our experts along with your useful inputs, in order to check for any missed spot. If required, we may repeat a few cleaning steps according to your desires, without any additional costs. Unlike others, our expert cleaning methods will never damage or crease, shrink your curtains, but will make them look bright and fresh like never before. Your precious drapes will be cleaned and reinstalled in your home, in a very short amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about any form of service lags.

We provide our drapery cleaning services to a wide variety of fabrics like silk, sheer, brocade, tapestry, lace, voile, cotton, organdie, and jacquard, embroidered and so on.