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Area Rug Cleaning - Staten Island

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

When you need professional rug cleaning at a reasonable rate call us, Rug Cleaner Staten Island. We take care of your rugs as if they were our own. Whatever the type, our rug cleaning methods are sure to leave your precious rugs looking brand new and magnificent. Our rug cleaning process includes full wash and dry. We pride ourselves on amazing cleaning, competitive pricing and hassle free service. Our rug cleaning is 100% safe for children, adults, the elderly and pets. We offer free on-site, phone, e-mail and live chat estimates. Free pick up and free delivery. We work 7 days a week. No extra charge for evening, weekend or holiday service. We offer either on site cleaning or cleaning in our facility. We offer bulk pricing for cleaning more than 1 rug at a time.

Our Service & What Rugs We Clean

Serving homes and offices throughout the Staten Island area for over 20 years, Rug Cleaner Staten Island has been offering expert cleaning services. Unlike many rug cleaning companies, our team of professionals we have our own cleaning facility located in Staten Island. You can be assured that your rugs will never leave our state of the art facility. Our experts provide top notch cleaning, either in your home or office or picked up and cleaned in our climate controlled cleaning facility. We clean all rugs, from...

Afghani & Antique
Berber & Dhurrie
Flokati & Heirloom
Hyde & Indian
Moroccan & Museum
Oriental & Pakistani
Persian & Shag
Silk & Turkish
And all other rugs

Why Us

Whatever be the kind of rug in your home or office, our experts are equipped to handle them and will get them cleaned in absolutely perfect condition. No matter whether your rug is handmade or machine made, new or an heirloom, Oriental rug or a Persian rug, our experienced technicians know how to handle them properly and clean them without damaging them. Getting them cleaned by our professionals will not only give them a new life but also prolong the life of the rugs so that you never have to part with them. Our advanced ways of cleaning make your rugs look brighter, fresher and softer than before. Get them cleaned and deodorized with and see your rugs staying the same for decades.

How We Clean

We are proud of our intensive but safe, organic and odor free cleaning process for area rugs. We specialize in deep vacuuming your rugs to get rid of invisible micro dust particles accumulated over months of use. The usually hot water extraction method is used to deep clean the rugs and get rid of dirt and residues. This method is safe for most all rugs. Rugs that are unable to endure a hot water extraction will get a steam cleaning or dry fabric hand cleaning. Either way your rugs will be safe, clean and returned back to you looking amazing! We also take care of nasty spots and stains on the rugs and get them removed permanently leaving the rugs spotless. Special stain removers are used to prepare heavily soiled areas to be cleaned. Agitation and hot steam rinsing and extraction help to loosen the stains and remove them. You can be assured of pet odor removal too as we shampoo, steam dry and deodorize dirty rugs to make them fresh and sweet smelling again.

We also offer our amazing Water/Flood cleaning service. Rugs are picked up, water removed, deep cleaned, dry and returned back to you within a week or so, without water and without odors.