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Area Rug Restoration

Area Rug Restoration

Area rugs form a lovely piece of design, which instantly adds royalty in every house. Similar to any other piece of décor, rugs additionally need some initial maintenance. In comparison to other things of interior decoration, area rugs are subjected to better damage as well as traffic, such as continued contact with dust, dirt, food contaminants and also pet stains. Getting rugs requires a significant amount of expense, and also that’s why cleaning of rugs need to left in the hands of industry experts. We at Rug Cleaners, provide the best rug cleaning solutions in Staten Island.

Our team of professionals provides a complete area rug cleaning services, regardless of the material your own rug is made up of. From handcrafted to machine produced, we cover all types of area rugs, involving the following:

  • Persian area rugs
  • Indian area rugs
  • Antique rugs
  • Dhurrie area rugs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Afghani area rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Turkish rugs
  • Pakistani rugs

We offer an array of rug cleaning approaches depending on the type of rug. Our steam cleaning and hot water elimination methods are our most common ways of area rug cleaning, which is certain to take away dirt and dust particles, while completely deep cleaning your own rug. For older area rugs or maybe area rugs made from delicate fabric, we also provide secure dry cleaning methods, that is just like efficient in rejuvenating your own rugs. Whatever the type, our area rug cleaning methods are sure to leave your precious heirloom rugs looking brand-new and also wonderful. Our area rug cleaning method contains the subsequent strides:

  • Preliminary inspection: Before beginning, we firstly check the rug to be able to write down the kind of material, the kind of spots and also harm obtained. 
  • Air-driven Washing or Dusting: We then utilize compressed air not to mention other specialized methods to remove soil as well as other dust particles settled deep inside your own rug.
  • Pre-treatment: We utilize particular blemish removal methods to remove persistent spots from your area rug.
  • Pre-cleaning: It really is an approach which is used to remove deep, heavy stains from your area rug.
  • Agitation: This helps in loosening of dirt particles embedded deeply in the fibers of your own rug.
  • Extraction: Laundering with Warm steam helps in removal of loosened dust contaminants and dust.
  • Grooming: With the help of specialized tools, we reinstate rug’s nap.
  • Drying: Our professional weather-controlled drying method outs, leaves your rug dry in not over a day.
  • Post cleaning assessment: We check your area rug once more after cleaning, to examine if there are any other spots or damage. If you are unsatisfied with any specific kind of your cleaning services, we will repeat the desired services, without any extra fee.
  • We additionally free delivery and also pick up solutions for your area rugs, in any part of New York.

Whichever the spot or type of area rug, we at Rug Cleaners have been providing the most reliable rug cleaning methods in Staten Island since the last twenty years. Offer the most thorough as well as full proof methods for stain and smell elimination, leaving your rug fresh and also thoroughly clean like never before.