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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Like floor coverings, area rugs, draperies not to mention upholstery, our mattresses also require decent maintenance combined with cleaning. We commit pretty much one-third of our lives in our bedrooms, and no matter how much you try to maintain their condition of cleanliness at your house, your mattresses are certain to collect dirt. Just about every day incredible numbers of microscopic dead skin cells, dirt and dust mites accumulate in our mattresses, resulting in harmful particles which are invisible to the vision, making them very hard to clean. The accumulated contaminants can be a potential source of allergies and also lead to allergic reaction in people. We at Rug Cleaner Stan Island care for you and the wellbeing of your family. We provide the most reliable mattress cleaning ways to guarantee total elimination of impurities.

To efficiently take out dust and allergens, we at Rug Cleaner Staten Island use advanced vacuum-cleaning as well as deep cleaning procedures which are certain to keep your mattress dustmite free with antibacterial advantages. We also give professional dirt and dust mite mattress covers to ensure that even after the cleaning process has been completed, you are able to retain your mattresses clean, pure as well as dust mite free for many more years to come. After all, just like you, the wellbeing as well as health of your family and friends, is also our main concern. Here’s an insight at our powerful four-step bed mattress cleaning process:

  • Pre-vacuuming of mattress: We initially thoroughly clean the mattress with our specialized vacuuming techniques to remove dust and dirt contaminants which can be loosely attached to the surface of your mattress. This will likely pave the way for further deep cleaning of deep settled spots and impurities. 
  • Our second step targets at stain removal by dealing with with products that loosen the embedded unattractive stains from the cloth of your bed mattress. This enables the way for simple elimination of the dirt, in our upcoming cleaning methods. 
  • Our next shampooing phase employs deep cleaning treatments with anti-bacterial formulas to fully eliminate the treated spots as well as keeping your mattress free from an attack of dirt and dust mites later on. 
  • For very strong embedded and tough spots which can have survived the previous cleaning phases, we apply high-pressure steam extraction methods, which completely get rid of harmful bacteria as well as any remaining spots from your mattress. 

If you are considering the greatest mattress cleaning assistance in New York City, particularly Staten Island, in that case we at Rug Cleaner Staten Island have the wonderful solution to suit your needs. We give the greatest mattress as well as upholstery cleaning expertise at the proper prices which have been designed in accordance to your needs and conveniences. We also provide protective covers that are guaranteed to keep your mattress dirt and dust mite free down the road, even after several months of our cleaning procedure. Compared to other companies, we offer you our competent services using the most reliable ways, because a clean and fresh mattress form the stepping stones for clean and healthy family living in a healthy environment. Since the previous three decades, our expert services are appreciated in houses all over Staten Island, NY. We offer very customer friendly services at the reasonable rates with no additional unnecessary fees.