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Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning

In the day and age when earth-friendly has become often associated with modern living, natural cleaning is a thing each and every house and office owner must be concerned about in the 21st century. Normal cleaning chemicals do an impeccable job doing away with the grime, dust as well as unsightly stains from all your furniture together with upholstery but unfortunately they are not as environment-friendly as you would like them to be. In these conditions, organic cleaning becomes the buzzword and also that’s precisely what we at Rug Cleaner Staten Island focus on.

Since the starting of the century, Rug Cleaner Staten Island continues to be overtly aware about the threat that chemicals pose to the health of our customers at a tiny level as well as our environment at a much larger scale. If you are an environment-friendly individual or merely delicate to chemical substances or experience allergies or asthma, our natural cleaning service is exactly the one for you!

The Comprehensive Organic Cleaning Guide

However you should obtain the organic and natural cleaning completed at your home by professionals from Rug Cleaner Staten Island, it doesn’t damage to get an insight into carrying out the job right.

Stage 1: Vacuum it up

Even though your house isn’t found in a very high traffic area, our industry experts take the safety measure to vacuum clean to ensure that the dirt and dust and also soil contaminants can be cleared up to expose the most troublesome areas for example long lasting spots

Step 2: Cleaning with fresh organic ingredients

We make use of our specialized cleaning techniques substituting the destructive chemicals for the more healthy and eco-friendly organic ingredients. Steam cleaning, jet extraction technology, and deep rinsing are also employed for comprehensive cleaning.

Phase 3: Getting Rid of the Odor

Old upholstery and furnishings have a tendency to leave a musty odor which is often as displeasing as those layers of grime together with dust. We use a baking soda way to make sure everything smells as incredible as the day when you first purchased it.

Stage 4: Drying

Depending on your wish, we are able to either let the cleaned furniture as well as upholstery dry in a natural way or perhaps get it dried tremendously fast making use of high-velocity air movers. The maximum time this stage would take is all about 2 to 5 hours.

Organic Cleaning at Rug Cleaner Staten Island: The Organic Produce which performs their magic

Becoming accustomed to chemical cleaning and then switching to organic cleaning comes with its share of doubts and also misgivings. In no doubt, it is environment-friendly but will it eliminate those irritating spots? The ingredients that our employees apply while offering a natural cleaning service at Rug Cleaner Staten Island are non-toxic and bio degradable so you don’t have to worry about any kind of allergies. Listed here are a number of the organic ingredients which we are probably to utilize:

  • Citrus Peel
  • Botanical extracts
  • Cider vinegar
  • Lime extracts
  • Organic enzymes
  • Vegetable fibre
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • White colored cedar leaf extract
  • Soybeans

If perhaps the list wasn’t reason enough, the organic ingredients delve deep into the fiber level of your furniture and upholstery in order that the unsightly stains could be broken down while reducing their chances of reappearing.

In the event that organic, nontoxic and also biodegradable cleaning is what you are after, choose natural cleaning from Rug Cleaner Staten Island each time. You won’t be dissatisfied.