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Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Like your area rugs as well as carpets, your draperies and blinds are also subjected to every day harmful particles and require a good amount of care and also protection. Due to everyday exposure, drapes or blinds tend to collect a good number of debris, dirt, and contaminants. Overlooking the issue for a long period can lead to a potentially unhealthy environment in your house, specifically for sensitive individuals as well as individuals battling with multiple allergies or even breathing difficulties such as bronchial asthma. We at Rug Cleaner Staten Island, know how much you care for the wellbeing of your much loved family members. Thus, we offer a whole cleaning process for your windows, drapes, and blinds, in Staten Island.

Our cleaning procedure is carried out with the utmost treatment and method by our group of industry experts. We aim to recover your drapes, windows, and shutters from damaged and unappealing to completely new and fresh. Our services are provided at very affordable costs. We additionally carry out fixing of windows and also replacement or modification of your curtain fabric at the best deals for your benefits. There’s a reason why our organization continues to be the most skilled and reputable company in Staten Island. Here’s a look at our specialist drapery and blinds cleaning process:

  • Our 1st step consists of a comprehensive evaluation and examination of the type of fabric and nature of spot involved in your windows, in addition to aspects that might interrupt our cleaning process, for example hard to clean spots, sun exposure or anything else. We will let you our observations from the evaluation.
  • We then carry out a waterless vacuum cleaning process to remove loose dust as well as grime contaminants which might be attached to the surface of your drape cloth. This will make the following cleaning methods safer to perform.
  • Next, we deal with your windows and curtains with professional sponge applicants of dry cleaning solvents. This procedure can be useful for removal of heavy dust which were previously not removed through vacuum-cleaning, together with oil based stains in your window curtains or drapes.

Post dry solvent treatment, more spots which were not taken away are treated again through our specific post spot elimination solvents.

To lower your worries, the solvents which we utilize are completely safe for your window curtains, and in addition to cleaning, will also condition and clean the textile to make it appear much more attractive than before.
A final inspection is completed by our experts along with your useful inputs, in order to look for any over looked blemish. If needed, we could repeat a couple of cleaning actions based on your wants, with no added charges. Not like others, our professional cleaning strategies will not harm or crease, shrink your curtains, and definitely will get them to look vivid and clean like never before. Your treasured draperies will be cleaned as well as reinstalled in your residence, in a very small period of time, which means you don’t have to be concerned with any specific form of service lags.
We render our drapery cleaning solutions to a wide array of fabrics just like silk, sheer, brocade, tapestry, lace, voile, cotton, organdie, and jacquard, embroidered etc.