Rug Cleaning

Send your rug to us and our rug cleaning experts will make it like new again. It will be brighter, fluffy and smell better. Our cleaning process can help freshen older rugs, or enhance the life and value of a new rug. Our professionals implement many steps to clean rugs depending on your particular kind of rug.

When you bring us your rug, it is first examined to decide the cleaning process that will be best for it.


Rug Restoration

If it wants to be cleaned, redyed or rewoven, we can perform that! We have expert weavers on staff that can get your area rug looking as good as new which will not only protect your investment but will also ensure the longevity of your rug. We could even perform rug repair on rugs that you might surmise are destroyed. Our experienced weavers may deal with everything from water, fire and smoke damage to insect and animal exposure to restoring a rug’s former beauty because of exposure to the elements.

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